An order to buy or sell at the market when a definite price is reached, either above (on a buy) or below (on a sell) the price that prevailed when the order was given. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. stop stop 1 [stɒp ǁ stɑːp] verb stopped PTandPPX stopping PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. to prevent someone from doing something or something from happening:

• The government should intervene to stop the takeover.

• How can we stop the decline in sales?

stop somebody/​something (from) doing something

• This latest crisis did not stop the Bank of France cutting its key interest rates.

• News of the takeover immediately stopped the company's shares from sliding.

2. to no longer continue to do something:

• What time do you stop work?

• Lack of funds forced us to stop production.

stop doing something

• Japan's four leading brokerages agreed to stop issuing new shares for a month.

• You can stop paying premiums at any time.

3. stop a cheque , stop payment on a check BANKING to tell a bank not to pay a cheque you have written:

• Staff are failing to charge customers for such services as stopping cheques or returning standing orders unpaid.

4. to prevent money from being paid after you agree to pay it:
stop something from something

• Money for breakages will be stopped from your wages.

  [m0] II. stop stop 2 noun
1. come to a stop to stop happening:

• Production came to a virtual stop during the two-week strike.

2. put a stop to something to prevent something from continuing or happening:

• These quotas put a stop to further export growth.

3. put a stop on a cheque BANKING to tell a bank not to pay a cheque you have written

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stop UK US /stɒp/ verb (-pp-)
[I or T] to prevent something from happening or continuing, or to not continue to happen: »

Are these new environmental laws enough to stop climate change?


The government demanded that the payments stop.

stop production/publication/trading »

The board obtained an injunction to stop publication of the documents.

stop sb (from) doing sth »

To stop borrowers switching to another lender once the discount period is over, banks apply a hefty charge.

[T] to finish doing something: »

The company's flexible pension plan allows women to suspend contributions if they stop work to have a family.

stop doing sth »

The economic climate pressured banks to stop lending to each other.

[I or T] if something such as a machine or system stops, it no longer works and needs to be repaired: »

I didn't realize the time because my watch has stopped.


My TV came with a free radio which has stopped working.

stop a cheque — Cf. stop a cheque
stop UK US /stɒp/ noun [S] BANKING
an instruction to a bank or other financial organization to not pay any money from your account when a cheque, card, etc. is used: »

Banks do not normally charge for putting a stop on lost cheques.

come to a stop — Cf. come to a stop
put a stop to sth — Cf. put a stop to sth
See also NON-STOP(Cf. ↑non-stop), ONE-STOP(Cf. ↑one-stop)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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